Lenny Bruce Lee Harvey Oswald (dromo_zangano) wrote in mines_eye,
Lenny Bruce Lee Harvey Oswald

dig in
dip in deep down into the underground where it's warmer
let a lower god tuck you in for bed
sleep on slow coals
listen to the arteries of magma heartbeating all around you
breath deeply into the meat of the earth
really be the salt, kid

Can't decide if that last bit would fit with this next one. The same theme, but I'm not sure if it would work. Any suggestions?

sleeting static scrapes up fog
kicks up dust in falling fronts
ashes that smear
that smudge your neat lips

adjust your dials and hide
load up your ark and go
float your home and glow
pull in your antennaes before the sky's vault shuts on them
close your eyes before the doors slam and trap your
butterfly leg lashes
strobing in blinks like a moth

the record skips and you're stuttering
(antennae clicking rhythms in crackling random static)
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